About Mebotek

Our goal is to neutralize foul odors, prevent blockings and waste degradation. We work for large and SME's companies in the Benelux.

A Life in Harmony with Nature

We provide advanced technology at affordable costs by means of supplying products developed innovatively. Our products are based on methods utilized by nature since millions of years. Keeping the balance between the economical development and nature.
Prevention of foul odors.
Grease removal by biologically degredation.
Clean organic residues difficult to reach by detergents.
No environmental impact compared with chemical alternatives.
  • 2002
  • 2005
  • 2013
Odor control for rubber and plastic
Odor control in Asian Oil and Rubber Industry

Since 2002 Mebotek busy bacterial remediation and odor control in Asia.

Application of Microlife Microbial Products
Introduction in Benelux
Odor Advisors

We are experts in foul odor control management in balance with nature and civilization.

Best Performance

Keeping long-term balance between the economical development and nature.

New Technologies

We provide sollutions at affordable costs by supplying innovative technologies.

Security & Privacy

Minimum occupational safety risk and no environmental impact.

BIODEGRADATION AT 90% in 8 weeks

The petroleum storage facility was dismantled and the site was decided to be used as a recreational area. The soil between the tanks was contaminated with many years of hydrocarbon deposits and covered an area of approximately 1,000 sqm. The hydrocarbons derived from diesel fuel and lubricating oils were predominantly in the range of C10 to C36. Our objective, to reduce the level of hydrocarbons in the soil to less than 1,200 mg/kg and satisfy the Gladstone Port Authority.

In one week
FROM 9500 PPM TO 900 PPM
Deep plough or ripping
Appropriate depth to open the soil
between 7 to 8 using lime
Adjust the pH of the soil