Biodegrading the floating hydrocarbons on the pool and on the shores.

A gasoil’s tank of 2000 liters ran away little by little, polluting the environment, soil and overflew itself in a pool with fishes at 100 meters. The gasoil covered surface and shore of the pool. The firemen have pumped maximum of gasoil. The customer has sprinkled the pool a lot and empty a part of pool’s water. two or three rinses have been made by the tank to clean the soil. Nevertheless there was still a thin layer of gasoil allover the surface and the shores of pool.

The Treatment

We have proposed to treat in three stages. The cleaning of soil contaminated from the tank by a biochemical enzymatic product. The same day, a biological treatment of the pool and of the shores with. 4 weeks later, a second biological treatment of water.

Necessary to clean soil between tank and pool
Our product is diluted at 1 % in water and put in the tank
Use of absorbant papers when there is a strong entry of gasoil

Result and Conclusions

After 4 weeks
Improvement of the water quality

Before the second treatment, after 4 weeks, we saw a really improvement of the quality of water: no spot of gasoil on surface, clean water.

Complete customer satisfaction
Pollution has completely disappeared

The pollution of gasoil has completely disappeared. Now this pool is regularly treated with biological products to have a good water quality.

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