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Odor control and microbial products

  • Quick start up of industrial and urban waste water treatment plants.
  • Impacts of the toxic chokes and accidental spills are eliminated quickly.
  • Wastes which are very difficult to treat conventionally will be treated easily.
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  • The enzymes and microorganisms in Microlife products decompose and totally degrade the wastes.
  • Biologic digestion degrades and cleans organic residues at locations difficult to reach by detergents.
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  • Microorganisms reduce the use of fertilizers.
  • Pre biotic food additives increase efficiency in breeding.
  • Stops problems of ammonia in stables and poultry houses .
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  • Recovers soil and water polluted by spills.
  • Prevents eutrophication in lakes, lagoons and running water.
  • Prevents blockings and foul odors from sewer networks.
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  • Cleans bilge and starts the biologic degradation of the chemical wastes.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning products of Microlife are solvent free.
  • Provide quick start up of waste water treatment plants in vessels.
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  • Increases the productivity of freshwater and seawater aquaculture farms.
  • Degrades ammonia, accelerates nitrification and denitrification processes in the water.
  • Eliminates organic deposits in aquariums and provide a fresh environment for your fish.
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  • Neutralization of all foul odors : fatty acids, sulfur compounds, nitrogen compounds.
  • Knocking down of VOC.
  • Compatible with the microbial products.
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BIODEGRADATION AT 90% in 8 weeks

The petroleum storage facility was dismantled and the site was decided to be used as a recreational area. The soil between the tanks was contaminated with many years of hydrocarbon deposits and covered an area of approximately 1,000 sqm. The hydrocarbons derived from diesel fuel and lubricating oils were predominantly in the range of C10 to C36. Our objective, to reduce the level of hydrocarbons in the soil to less than 1,200 mg/kg and satisfy the Gladstone Port Authority.

In one week
FROM 9500 PPM TO 900 PPM
Deep plough or ripping
Appropriate depth to open the soil
between 7 to 8 using lime
Adjust the pH of the soil