Bioremediation Products

Bioremediation is a waste management technique that involves the use of organisms to remove or neutralize pollutants from a contaminated site. Bioremediation works by providing the pollution-eating organisms with fertilizer, oxygen, and other conditions that encourage their rapid growth. These organisms will then be able to break down the organic pollutant at a correspondingly faster rate. In fact, bioremediation is often used to help clean up oil spills.

Features List

Prevents blockings and foul odors from sewer networks
Prevents eutrophication in lakes, lagoons and running waters.
Degrades ammonia.
Recovers soil and water polluted by spills.
Accelerates the composting process of urban solid wastes.
Without any aggressive abrasive or toxic properties.
Cleaning on Petrochemicals

Cleans surfaces polluted by petrochemicals and hydrocarbons by adding 0,3 to 3 % to the cleaning water. The product can be applied both manually and by pulverization.

Bilge and petroleum tanks, engine parts, vessels, etc
Biologic Cleaning for Metal Parts

Cleaning of surfaces polluted by petrochemical wastes. The enzymes and surfactant compounds in the product break the bonds and emulsify the hydrocarbons.

Absorbs hydrocarbons. Provides the on site bioremediation of soils.
On Site Bioremediation of petroleum polluted soils

A simple dose will be covering the polluted soil. Throughout the application keep the soil humid by periodically irrigating.

Bioremediation Facts

90% degradation in 60 days.

Our bioremediation products have successfully degraded C40 hydrocarbon chains by 90 % in the first two months and by 99,99% in the first year.
% in 60 days
% in the first year
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