Ecologic Agriculture and Breeding

Our microorganisms reduce the use of fertilizers. Healthy soils equal healthy plants and healthy plants are productive without the cost of pesticides. The pre-biotic food additives increase efficiency in breeding.


Reduce the use of fertilizers
Prepare the soil to organic agriculture
Increase efficiency in breeding
Prevents foul odors from manure pits
Removes ammonia from manure
Accelerate the composting process
Protect corps and fruits against diseases
Ecologic Agriculture and Breeding

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Our microorganisms reduce the use of fertilizers and accelerate the composting process. Prepare your soil for organic agriculture and increase efficiency in breeding.

Ecological farming fosters a future of healthy farming, and healthy food, to all people. It includes all methods, including but not limited to organic, which regenerate the ecosystem. It biologically protects crops and fruits against diseases and precents foul odors from manure pits.

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