Microlife Maritime Products

Preserves the petroleum tanks and pipes from corrosion by limiting the activity of the sulfatoreductrices bacteria. Continues its activity up to a certain concentration of bactericides in the medium. The products are biodegradable, environmentally friendly and have a long lasting effect.


  • Cleans bilges and starts the biologic degradation of the chemical wastes.
  • The environmentally friendly cleaning products of Microlife do not contain solvents.
  • Prevents foul odors from the sceptic tanks on board.
  • Provide quick startup of wastewater treatment plants on ships.
Maritime Products

Marine type septic tanks, waste water tanks

Our microorganisms are selected for their ability to degrade organic wastes, grease, proteins, cellulose and lining in urban waste waters.

Includes CLASS 1 microorganisms that do not require any special precautions during application,
forwarding or storage. 

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