Neutralization of foul odors by Odor Control is the combination of several different actions. For an effective odor neutralization a combination of below effects, depending on the source and class of the odor is used.


  • Instantly neutralizes foul odors.
  • The odor control is biodegradable.
  • The products can be applied by manual or automatic methods.
  • It is possible to combine the odor control with Bioremediation products.
  • Does not cause any harm to the environment or humans and confirms to the biodegradability standards.

Fields applied

Deodorization of waste water

Waste water treatment plants, sludge thickening basins, sludge dewatering units, transportation storage and dehydration processes of dewatered sludge and similar units and processes.

Deodorization of Urban solid wastes

Wastes transporting, processing plants, solid waste storage areas, composting plants, urban solid waste transportation trucks, wash water of these trucks, leak water of urban solid wastes.

Degradation of odors from urban sewers

Generated from urban sewer systems, lift stations, open air sewers and etc.

Deodorization of domestic foul odors

Like hotel rooms, smoking areas, garbage rooms, shower drains, kitchens and other food processing plants.

Foul Odor Neutralization

Instantly neutralizes foul odors.

Our 12 odor control products have an environmentally friendly formulation and do not harm  naturally occurring organisms. They act on the three types of foul odor : Fatty acids, Sulfur compounds, Nitrogen compounds.

Includes CLASS 1 microorganisms that do not require any special precautions during application,
forwarding or storage. For further information please revert to material safety data sheet of the

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