Waste Degradation

Our waste degradation products transform organic wastes into end products like carbon dioxide and water. Once applied the enzymes instantly decompose the organic wastes. The microorganisms in the formula totally degrade the wastes decomposed by the enzymes by means of biological oxidation.

The odor neutralizers added to the formula instantly stop any foul odor, then the enzymatic and bacterial action remove the source of the problem.

  • Minimum occupational safety risk when compared to alternative methods.
  • No environmental impact when compared with chemical alternatives.
  • Microlife applications are economic and efficient compared to other solutions.

Our Waste Degradation Products will

  • Extend grease removal periods by biologically degrading the organic deposits in grease traps.
  • Degrade solid wastes in portable toilets and eliminates foul odors.
  • Prevent blocking and foul odors from kitchen drains and connected waste water system.
  • Prevent blocking and foul odors from shower drains.
  • Neutralize foul odors in kitchen exhausts.
  • Increase the permeability in sceptic tanks and prevents foul odors from these locations.
  • If the sewer system ends with a waste water treatment plant, the Microlife microorganisms will support the active sludge, thus increasing the efficiency and the capacity of the plant.
  • Prevent the H2S corrosion in the infrastructure.

Decomposes the grease deposits

With its selected strain of natural aerobic microorganisms and enzymes it first increases the
surface area of grease deposits then decomposes the organic deposits and increases the amount of
aerobic microorganisms in these places.

Includes CLASS 1 microorganisms that do not require any special precautions during application, forwarding or storage. For further information please revert to material safety data sheet of the product.

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